God’s Time

All in God’s Time – if a day is like a hundred years to God then it’s been about 20 days (in God’s Time)  since his Son was here.

2017 / 100 years = 20.17 – or about twenty of God’s days since we changed our calendars to mark his presence here on Earth.  God’s Time is different than our own

Hope this helps explain it.



You are what you eat

The “You are what you eat” rule still applies.  Just a little public service reminder to choose what you eat wisely – even though something is “OK” to eat, that shouldn’t mean we stop asking questions about its nutritional value and the benefit or detriment it becomes to our bodies after years of consumption.  Take a look around at all the things which could potentially poison us.  Some things we can’t control – so don’t you want to control what you can?