Precession is the phenomenon which because of the tilt of our planet’s axis and the gyroscopic effect it produces, causes our planet to go through a 25,920 year cycle called a Great Year – we are currently half the way through such a cycle.  We know absolutely 12,000 years ago the earth tilted differently, in fact, opposite – diametrically opposite from today’s celestial alignment.  One of the determining factors in that presumption of the half way clause is the predication that over 24 different megalithic stone edifice constructions still reside permanently in perfect alignment across a 100 kilometer wide belt – which, COINCIDENTALLY – yeah, sure, it’s a coincidence, sure it is – all line up along what we now know was the ANCIENT CELESTIAL equator; when the earth tilted differently.

Precession and our Planet –
the Horizon and The Prime Meridian –

Science PROVES:
12,000 years ago things lined up in such a undeniable scientifically calculated way as to be conspicuous – conspicuous, that’s not nearly as close to the real WOW factor

This phenomenon is called

the Precession of the Zodiac –

Also called a Great Year

Without the Precession

(tilt of earth)

we would have no seasons


Equator – Latitude –

North from South

Prime Meridian – Longitude –

 East from West

To make navigation or calculations you must know both.

So where among all of these structures from antiquity marking the equator, but what about the Prime Meridian – was there any indication “they” knew about Latitude AND Longitude?

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