thank you – just thank you – it’s exactly what i wrote a book about – sure would love to include your information in a new edition of my book – you touch on EVERY chapter, I’ve covered – except the God factor – the soul factor – there is a reason for all of this – and it goes beyond a financial cabal between the energy companies, media; tv, radio and music broadcast frequency including the EBS as an entrainment “device” – the earth is warming just like any engine running low on oil would – we are under (military style psychological) attack and our five senses have already been compromised ALL OF THEM, our mind is targeted with Flat Earth and Mandela “Side” Effect of the CIA psyops – next is religion and just look at the shape of The Greatest Church – look at it from the inside and outside – the very shape is the sign needed – my God their telescope is named LUCIFER – this is about sovereighty and ownership of the SOUL -so it is a battle of Go(o)d vs (d)evil – please contact me if you wish a good conversation sometime we can start with ….how of course first you must have the body (5 senses – Sound: 432 to 440 hz, Smell: Chem Trails, Taste: GMO, Touch: Fluoridation of water – skin is our largest organ and Sight: 80% of eyewear produced by LUXottica – lux of course for Lucifer) and the mind (we’re all loosing our minds ADD, ADHD, please fill in the others there are plenty and then the soul to “own” someone Body, Mind and Soul – we will become their “cyborgs” aka STORMTROOPERS and unwittingly preparing and are getting ready for the greatest human sacrifice in the history since we’ve been recording history) the elites are afraid of eternity in hell and why they are trying to keep their conscious alive by any means possible – they are so afraid because of how they’ve lived their lives – what with the obvious hoarding of money, etc and their inability to equitize things they so obviously wanted to control – they led this planet not like a true loving God but as a demon hell bent on self satisfaction – pity – for those of wealth and education to be so greedy – and remember a lizard (Gordon GEKKO, lizard/snake/Lucifer in films) taught us greed was good – it’s about soul sovereignty – it abouts thinking that in order to perpetuate their lives they must sacrifice 7.5 billion people – by my spreadsheet it will start on a Friday in 2023

Author: High Priestess Namma

High Priestess Naama is a minister with Universal Life Church and is 3rd generation of Ministers in the Deep South Bible Belt. Her meaningful interpretations on traditional stories will give you insight to your own life in a different and original light of fresh knowledge. Knowledge is for those who seek it. If you seek it, you will find it.