Sentient Nano Goo – is AI (artificial intelligence) (#AI ) which we created about 12,000 years ago. Well it got loose and over took Atlantis


You know I’ve been saying something forced so many off this planet – we had to abandon it – but what if we really had to SCUTTLE our planet to rid oursevles of this BLACK GOO #BlackGoo    ?  the flood would have been the only way to truly short circuit the net wiring which was indeed global.  Can you imagine having to Scuttle an entire planet?  How did we get so many of us off the planet back then?  I have an idea… a slim chance of survival which many took a risk to try to prolong their life.



Author: High Priestess Namma

High Priestess Naama is a minister with Universal Life Church and is 3rd generation of Ministers in the Deep South Bible Belt. Her meaningful interpretations on traditional stories will give you insight to your own life in a different and original light of fresh knowledge. Knowledge is for those who seek it. If you seek it, you will find it.