(3) DYK Disney, Monsanto, Free Masons used to be the good guys – YouTube

Did You Know (DYK)?  There was a time when you wanted an organization such as these to be a part of your community. I am quite confused lately as to what has been happening; such as the necessity to share these memes and visual reminders, because at one time, these were indeed the finest organizations to aspire to belong, and or to have represented in your neighborhood.  Something is wrong with how things are being “altered” through an effect called “Mandela” regarding one of the more famous questions was it a six seater or a four seater?  There is the K for Kennedy in the MK ULTRA program.  But the Mandela effect seems to be part of a PSYOPS program already admitted to by our own internal investigations to be in full operation.


Author: High Priestess Namma

High Priestess Naama is a minister with Universal Life Church and is 3rd generation of Ministers in the Deep South Bible Belt. Her meaningful interpretations on traditional stories will give you insight to your own life in a different and original light of fresh knowledge. Knowledge is for those who seek it. If you seek it, you will find it.