Holographic Ventriloquist

Holographic Ventriloquist

I just don’t buy into a conspiracy theory that the world being a sphere is just bunk and they’ve been telling us the “ball” theory to keep us from knowing there is a great big projector in outer space projecting a holographic image of reality; which is a flat earth enveloped in a dome so that this great space entity can project the illusion of reality.

The Law of Parsimony states:

All things being equal the less ridiculous is the most plausible

– Occam’s razor theory

Let me see if I get this straight though.  The earth is supposed to be flat – not a 3d sphere – not a ball – just a flat as a pancake 8 km thick spinning like a record playing in an imagined Galaxy projected from some three dimensional source in outer space watching over us for a billion years?  Do I have it about right?

I guess the sun is the light source for the projector; naturally, of course it is, where else?  If the universe is just a projected image then from where does sound come?  Sound is said to expand three dimensionally from its source.  Every molecule vibrates in its own frequency – every molecule makes it own individual sound.  All that can not come from some singular source.   So unless that giant projector in the sky is also a ventriloquist then thanks to sound that projected hologram theory is blown out of the water – it no longer floats anyway.

But, yeah, okay that is way more plausible than my belief in a Supreme Deity.  I tell you what, those who don’t believe, post your own blog about how it’s all *whatever* it is – that’s up to you to explain – I have found my own explanations, and a lot of them make sense, I want to share.  And, I want to know what others may think of the way in which I made my conclusions.  Not because I think I am so smart – but because I wonder might it be possible?  That means I do not know, I still question, I still am curious.

Lets go with the premise that the earth is flat.  Since we debunked the holographic ventriloquist universe theory Okay.  So, wait, the earth is flat, but the Moon is what?  A sphere.  The moon gets to be a sphere and we don’t rate more than a flat as a pancake earth under a bubble dome.  Really?

The Flat MOON theory

We don’t rate a 3d shape but the moon gets to be a sphere that never rotates beyond a visual horizon.  There is a dark side (called Umbra) which we never see of this round ball in the  . . . . oh, wait would the moon now be also flat, since the flat earthers can’t have a sphere moon and a flat earth – if the moon is a sphere, then most likely so is the earth.  Again, my speculation based on a tiny bit of research.   Turns out if the moon isn’t flat like they claim our earth is, the moon is instead perhaps hollow (a hollow pancake?) and rings like a bell when hit hard enough.  As the lunar lander did when if fell back from liftoff after propelling the astronauts back from their moon landing site.

It rings like a bell

Maybe the moon isn’t flat then?  Maybe the earth isn’t flat either.  Definitely it’s not a projected image unless it’s a ventriloquist .  I didn’t like the idea that we get stuck with a plane old plain earth.  Flat existence.  A flat boring two dimensional Flat Earth.  Of all the righteous indignation.  We only get a flat earth with oceans that just fall off like in Avatar.  Surrounded by a bubble like dome.

Our earth is a sphere which resembles a soccer ball.  The shape has a name called a dodecahedron.  



The Big Sound

The Big Sound

The Big Sound, or the Big Bang?  I’m not goin to be the one who tells God His voice sounds like grinding gears of a massive engine grinding together – so no Big “Bang” I like to think Big “Sound” – it was a mighty big sound (bang) whater; aren’t they really the exact same thing – you say tomato – I say tomatoe – potato – I say potatoe or was that just Dan quayle?

Symantics – what’s in a word after all?

Cymatics – what’s in a big sound after all?


CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford – YouTube



Precession is the phenomenon which because of the tilt of our planet’s axis and the gyroscopic effect it produces, causes our planet to go through a 25,920 year cycle called a Great Year – we are currently half the way through such a cycle.  We know absolutely 12,000 years ago the earth tilted differently, in fact, opposite – diametrically opposite from today’s celestial alignment.  One of the determining factors in that presumption of the half way clause is the predication that over 24 different megalithic stone edifice constructions still reside permanently in perfect alignment across a 100 kilometer wide belt – which, COINCIDENTALLY – yeah, sure, it’s a coincidence, sure it is – all line up along what we now know was the ANCIENT CELESTIAL equator; when the earth tilted differently.

Precession and our Planet –
the Horizon and The Prime Meridian –

Science PROVES:
12,000 years ago things lined up in such a undeniable scientifically calculated way as to be conspicuous – conspicuous, that’s not nearly as close to the real WOW factor

This phenomenon is called

the Precession of the Zodiac –

Also called a Great Year

Without the Precession

(tilt of earth)

we would have no seasons


Equator – Latitude –

North from South

Prime Meridian – Longitude –

 East from West

To make navigation or calculations you must know both.

So where among all of these structures from antiquity marking the equator, but what about the Prime Meridian – was there any indication “they” knew about Latitude AND Longitude?

Click the image to load the video – and enjoy.

There is sound so be aware of volume




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