Zombie Bill of Rights and why you should care

Zombie Bill of Rights and why you should be curious


Special Thanks to Jane Zhange -the song written so complex that it had to be computer aided (digitized) in order to change from note to note so quickly – sounds to me she hits it right one the nose all by her self.

Superb performance check it out – here’s the link to her video






thank you – just thank you – it’s exactly what i wrote a book about – sure would love to include your information in a new edition of my book – you touch on EVERY chapter, I’ve covered – except the God factor – the soul factor – there is a reason for all of this – and it goes beyond a financial cabal between the energy companies, media; tv, radio and music broadcast frequency including the EBS as an entrainment “device” – the earth is warming just like any engine running low on oil would – we are under (military style psychological) attack and our five senses have already been compromised ALL OF THEM, our mind is targeted with Flat Earth and Mandela “Side” Effect of the CIA psyops – next is religion and just look at the shape of The Greatest Church – look at it from the inside and outside – the very shape is the sign needed – my God their telescope is named LUCIFER – this is about sovereighty and ownership of the SOUL -so it is a battle of Go(o)d vs (d)evil – please contact me if you wish a good conversation sometime we can start with ….how of course first you must have the body (5 senses – Sound: 432 to 440 hz, Smell: Chem Trails, Taste: GMO, Touch: Fluoridation of water – skin is our largest organ and Sight: 80% of eyewear produced by LUXottica – lux of course for Lucifer) and the mind (we’re all loosing our minds ADD, ADHD, please fill in the others there are plenty and then the soul to “own” someone Body, Mind and Soul – we will become their “cyborgs” aka STORMTROOPERS and unwittingly preparing and are getting ready for the greatest human sacrifice in the history since we’ve been recording history) the elites are afraid of eternity in hell and why they are trying to keep their conscious alive by any means possible – they are so afraid because of how they’ve lived their lives – what with the obvious hoarding of money, etc and their inability to equitize things they so obviously wanted to control – they led this planet not like a true loving God but as a demon hell bent on self satisfaction – pity – for those of wealth and education to be so greedy – and remember a lizard (Gordon GEKKO, lizard/snake/Lucifer in films) taught us greed was good – it’s about soul sovereignty – it abouts thinking that in order to perpetuate their lives they must sacrifice 7.5 billion people – by my spreadsheet it will start on a Friday in 2023




C.I.A. Data Show 14‐Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior – The New York Times

Freelance journalist John D Marks says CIA conducted 14-yr program to find ways to ‘control human behavior’ through use of chem, biological and radiological material, news conf; Marks, assoc of Natl Security Studies Center, asserts that CIA Dir Stansfield Turner, in lr to Sen Select Com on Intelligence last wk, ‘seriously distorted’ what research programs involved Marks por (M)

Source: C.I.A. Data Show 14‐Year Project On Controlling Human Behavior – The New York Times

Just another WARNING about Lucifer

Just another WARNING about Lucifer


People are changing, some, not for the better.  There are not just atheist, but Luciferians, in charge of some pretty prominent positions in the United Nations – this is just an FYI – another WARNING about Lucifer.  In case you missed this somewhere along the way – this is how the United Nations, Director of Planetary Initiatives, David Spangler feels about you.  No one shall enter the new age without first taking a Luciferian Initiation.

Astronomy Calendar for 2018


Astronomy Calendar for 2018


Just sharing – hope the link is okay everybody and Happy New Year

Sentient Artificial Intelligent Aliens we Created

Sentient Nano Goo – is AI (artificial intelligence) (#AI ) which we created about 12,000 years ago. Well it got loose and over took Atlantis


You know I’ve been saying something forced so many off this planet – we had to abandon it – but what if we really had to SCUTTLE our planet to rid oursevles of this BLACK GOO #BlackGoo    ?  the flood would have been the only way to truly short circuit the net wiring which was indeed global.  Can you imagine having to Scuttle an entire planet?  How did we get so many of us off the planet back then?  I have an idea… a slim chance of survival which many took a risk to try to prolong their life.



(3) DYK Disney, Monsanto, Free Masons used to be the good guys – YouTube

Did You Know (DYK)?  There was a time when you wanted an organization such as these to be a part of your community. I am quite confused lately as to what has been happening; such as the necessity to share these memes and visual reminders, because at one time, these were indeed the finest organizations to aspire to belong, and or to have represented in your neighborhood.  Something is wrong with how things are being “altered” through an effect called “Mandela” regarding one of the more famous questions was it a six seater or a four seater?  There is the K for Kennedy in the MK ULTRA program.  But the Mandela effect seems to be part of a PSYOPS program already admitted to by our own internal investigations to be in full operation.


PSA Food for Thought – you are the food – HPN

PSA – You ARE food for thought – HPN


You are the food
PSA – Food for Thought

PSA – Public Service Announcement


of course YT banned it due to copyright infringement – so the work around the issue – is to design your own website – to contain your own creative content as a thought and sometimes movie producer.


PSA Food for Thought – This is A Public Service Announcement – every ask yourself so, why are we getting so fat, dumb and lazy?  Here’s some “food for thought” the PSA way.


While carrying his own cross thru the market – Jesus stopped to rest on the doorstep of a Jewish Businessman, a cobbler, named after King XerXes, Ahasuerus, who promptly told Jesus to move along and not take rest at the front door of his business, lest Roman soldiers notice and stop shopping at his establishment.

Jesus looked him in the eye and in exhaustion agreed and said “okay, I will move from your doorstep, but you shall TARRY the earth until my return.

Remember, the story?   If you believe in Jesus – then his story is VERY REAL too

He has to wait for the 2nd coming of Christ in order to die – so his death wish is immense.

This is his side of the rest of the story – He named his death wish “Agenda 2030”

Every single ancient site with a serpent reference –
even the Bible itself – was built to do one thing withstand time and
give us a message of this snake.
 Dragons, Quetzalcoatl, Lucifer, all same thing.

  1. I won’t upload that is suicide.
    That is giving consent for disposal of your meat sack before your soul is ready to leave it.

B.  Lucifer would love for you to do that!
To Damn your own soul by suicide to eternal pit of fire – yeah, brilliant plan / agenda.

  1. If YOU didn’t know any of this – why you think to stop it from happening to you??? See how they will trick you?

D.Do you want to commit suicide? OR perhaps die as food? 

E.You won’t know if you stop watching my channel –subscribe now.

F.Don’t F-ail (lol) It’s your choice, but if you don’t know WHAT I AM TEACHING YOU –

  • then HOW will you know any of this?

2nd  – 1,000 years is but a day for God
This creature is on same time scale and comes round here once a week for breakfast  –  every week 6,000 years or so, it shows up for the Monday Morning  “Blue Plate Special!”

FE’ers will love that – satirical reference.


3rd We will be advised by the most brilliant trusted scientist
to abandon the planet – upload our conscious and leave our bodies behind as we go to our new home.

And just in time,

several human (“crystal”) matrix cargo ships will be built.

Those who leave – fly right to the belly of the snake.

Is blood thicker than water?

WE are PORTABLE Water, Blood and Meat (food) for a Sun Monster

WHICH every ancient site on Earth has warned us about


Ahasuerus  is very much alive, however, only if you believe in Jesus being the Son of our God

But he believes he has to get God’s Attention to send his Son to the “next coming”  –

He just wants to die and no one can kill him or allow him to rest, as Jesus Said he would make him TARRY THE EARTH until the second coming of Christ.

Ahasuerus WANTS the second coming – he is about to call “check” in this chess match.
And he can see no other way  “out” of this world.

He is not allowed to rest.  Do you understand him now?  Send him to the Sun Monster, huh?


PSA Food for Thought –


DO NOT UPLOAD – that’s when your mind (soul)  leaves your body–

you have zero HUMAN RIGHTS – as an American –  at that point

because you have no physical representative here.  No one LEGALLY HAS to bring you back.

The “Straw Man Principal” and your body will be “recycled” for monster food.